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Message: This is the part of my international investment report. I need editing on this. I want you to eliminate similarities with other resources and make sure this report is ready to submit through originality/similarity check system that is called Turnitin. Also, since this is an investment report I want you to add on the followings: " clearly state what the intended plan is for Thailand (i.e. is it just a focus or do we plan on having a physical presence in the country & how will this move benefit the company). This needs to be included in the intro and will be supported with the country and industry evaluations. I think if we understand how UPS has expanded in the past, then I think we will know how we can imagine this expansion will be. I think that we need to find something similar but tie it to what our intended purpose should be for Thailand. Please do so in the paper. what is the intended purpose for the Thailand expansion (what will UPS gain from this action). Currently, UPS is partnered with Mailbox Etc. in Bangkok. Perhaps we should suggest developing a distribution center? This would be a fueling or support center for the airport operations in Bangkok. I think we should all weigh in on this at some point. Please show editions about the above in red so that I can easily review."

Make sure you check every single sentence on the report and add on what ever is missing and required for this International investment report. another meaning international expansion of UPS in Thailand. appropriately cite everything you borrow.

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