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HC1041 IT for Business
Individual Assignment Worth 30 marks due Friday Week 10
1500 words
You have been asked to explore three database alternatives for a merchant who provides shoes to retail stores. The merchant needs the database to keep the financial records, employee records, inventory records and general use records for the business. Answer the questions below in your report.
1. Identify three database systems and discuss the purpose for choosing these three options
2.Pick only ONE of the above database systems and discuss the Hardware and software components required to run it
3. Discuss the costs involved in implementing the database
4. Discuss other factors which the business should consider before implementing the database
5. Provide sufficient citations throughout and matching
Individual Assignment
Create a report. 1500 words. Look at Week 08 lecture on organising data for more assistance. Justify all assumptions.
Using the SafeAssign link in Blackboard to submit your report. Download and print out the FULL report and attach to the appendix at the back of your report. Assignments without the full SafeAssign report will NOT be marked.
Hard Copy
To be placed into assignment drop area on campus, including SafeAssign report, by 5pm Friday of week 10.
You are expected to provide citations for every piece of information you include in your report. Any pictures used, other than ones you created, should be cited. Any information on computer systems, hardware etc, should be cited. You will lose marks for not providing citations.

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