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General Information about journal 1 & 2
You are required to choose an organization (Australian Government Departments) of your choice. Your task is to produce two journals to highlight how digital innovations are employed in these chosen organizations. Your focus will be specifically on integration, and implementation issues associated with digital innovation. You should compare and contrast how these aspects of digital innovation, integration and implementation, are executed in these organisations.
JOURNAL 1: Write a report of 700 words to demonstrate your comprehension of the digital innovations aspects available in the selected organizations (15 %)
Your report should cover following aspects:
1. Compare and contrast how the organizations absorbed the innovation in terms of processes, procedures, policies and technologies (about 250 words)
2. Compare and contrast issues and problems encountered in terms of organizational aspects(about 450 words)
JOURNAL 2: Write a report of 700words to demonstrate your comprehension of the implementation aspects of digital innovation in the selected organizations (15%)
Your journal should cover following aspects:
1. Your analysis and justifications of the solutions to the problems identified in the first journal through the innovative processes (about 300 words)
2. Cost benefit, integration, and implementation analyses for the above (about 450 words)

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