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Assignment 3 Project Proposal Documentation
Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date
Assignment 3 100 35% 06/09/13
In the assignment we will start analysing and designing the changes needed to implement the new functionalities in the sample solution. Before we can start the implementation we need to analyse the project and describe the changes we will be implementing and what changes we need to make to make the project a success. For this purpose we need to provide a project proposal to the customer.
This part along with submission 6 combined make up the documentation for project proposal and implementation. You are free to extend the proposal section but you must include the sections listed in this document. Ensure that the sections are easy identifiable and discoverable.
Assignment 3 Activities.(minimum 20 pages in length)
a.) Update the project Management tool with the time spent on research and working with new technologies needed for the application.
b.) Add to the Project Management tool the different activities needed to implement the changes to the solution.
c.) Document the current application describing the major classes used by the application.
d.) Document the current application describing the flow between the different activities .
You are to report on the current state of your assignment 3. You need to provide the following details regarding assignment 3.
Assignment 3 Deliverables.
a.) Detailed printout of the activities in the Project Management tool.
b.) Project Plan describing in detail the activities needed to finalise the project.
c.) The Project document should include the following sections
• Project title page
• Letter of transmittal
• Executive summary
• Current application description
• System overview
• System operation
• Proposal Objectives
• System Overview
o Project Scope
o Project Exclusions
o Current Application Design
o UML of classes
• UML Sequence Diagrams
o Information flow between pages and activities
• Detailed Proposed Changes
• Proposed Costs and Time for Each Change
• Estimated Cost of the Changes
• Benefits of the proposed changes
• Detailed description of the new Solution
• UML Use Case Diagrams
• UML with added class diagrams
• UML new Sequence Diagrams
• Detailed description of the data flow between pages
• Assignment 6 section goes here as last part of documentation
For the cost of changes you will need to consult employment web sites to approximate the cost of a profession to implement the changes you have designed and cost them.

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