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Text book: Web Services: Principles and Technology Author: Michael P. Papazoglou
Writing Requirements: Due:
• You must use your own words to answer all the questions in complete sentences and paragraphs, you cannot use lists, figures, Pseudocode or source code.
Chapter 1: Web Services Basics
1) Define and describe the significance of a service-orientated architecture?
2) What is the Web Services technology stack?
3) What are stateful and stateless services? Give Examples
Chapter 2: Distributed Computing Infrastructure
4) Describe the two types of message communication? What are their main differences?
5) What are the remote procedure calls and what is the remote method invocation?
6) Describe the role and features of message-oriented middleware? Chapter 3: Brief Overview of XML

7) What are the two important feature of XML that distinguish it from other markup languages?
8) How do you achieve reusability in XML?
9) Describe URI’s and XML namespace using examples? Chapter 4: SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
10) What are wire protocols and what is the purpose of SOAP?
11) What does a stateless one-way exchange protocol do?
12) Describe how SOAP achieves serialization? Chapter 5: Describing Web Services
13) How can you use WSDL to create client stubs?
14) Define and describe the web service interface?
15) How do the Web services interface and implementation relate to each other?
Chapter 6: Registering and Discovering Web Services
16) What are service registries and what is service discovery?
17) What is the UDDI and what are its major characteristics?
18) What is the purpose of a WSDL, to UDDI mapping model?

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