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In this assessment task, you as a “marketing expert” will provide your marketing ideas for a new invention.
First, please choose one invention that was featured on any 2009 episode of “the New Inventors” show. You can find a list of these inventions on the following webpage.
Your task is to write a marketing analysis report for the potential new product coming out of your chosen invention. The report should follow the subsequent structure:
• title page;
• executive summary;
• table of contents;
• introduce the background information necessary to understand the chosen invention;
• environmental analysis;
• consumer behaviour analysis;
• segmentation, targeting and positioning;
• product and pricing plans;
• conclusion
• reference list.
You will be expected to have consulted books, at least 10 relevant academic journal articles, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations to write the report (i.e., support your arguments with theories). Your report should be in an easy to follow format and should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2011, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ultimo, NSW, viewed 6 June 2013, .
Important Note:
Selection of literary support from Google, Wikipedia,,,, etc. will be treated very negatively. These are not appropriate sources for your academic assignment and their use is not acceptable.
Assessment Criteria – 40%
Report structure, presentation, writing style, referencing 5
Executive summary 10
Introduction and conclusion 10
Environmental analysis 15
Consumer behaviour analysis 15
Segmentation, targeting and positioning 15
Product and pricing plans 15
Support with theory (include at least 10 academic references) 15
Total 100 *
* Note: Raw scores to be reduced to a grade out of 40.
Note that submission is a three-stage process of (i) uploading the file(s) (ii) saving the file(s) and then (iii) submitting the saved file(s) for marking. Please use the `Upload files` button below to select and upload your file(s) for this assessment. You must then click the `Save changes` button after you’ve uploaded the file(s) to ensure they are added to your draft submission.
Note that, once uploaded and saved, all compatible files will be sent to for originality checking. If you wait for half an hour or so after uploading your draft submission, you can return and check the Turnitin similarity report for your uploaded file(s) to see whether you want to submit them for marking, or whether you want to delete the file(s), revise and resubmit. For further details, please click here.

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