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HSH 719 Economic Evaluation 1
Assignment 1
Brief description of task and student output: Typed essay of 2000 words (no longer).
Due date: Monday September 9th 11am
Weighting: 40% total mark for unit
Form of submission: CloudDeakin assignment drop box for this subject.
Assignment Topic
The Department of Health is considering funding “fluvac” a vaccination for influenza.
They want to know whether there is evidence that fluvac represents “value for money”. You are part of a team that has been asked to design a protocol for an economic evaluation. Your role in the team is to undertake the following:
Question 1
Justify why you believe that an economic evaluation is needed, including any additional information you might need to support your argument.
Question 2
Form a well-defined study question to help guide your economic evaluation?
Question 3
What type of economic evaluation do you think will be the most appropriate for answering your study question? Justify your choice.
Question 4
Describe the costs that you will collect under the following categories:
 Direct health care
 Direct non-health care Indirect
Question 5
Outline the sources that you would use for collecting the cost information for your economic evaluation.
Question 6:
Explain how you will value each of your resource inputs in your economic evaluation.
Question 7:
Explain and justify how you will value the health outcomes in your economic evaluation.
Assessment criteria
The assignment will be marked according to the following criteria:
Criteria Weighting
Question 1:
Be able to provide justification for undertaking an economic evaluation. 5%
Question 2:
Design of study question: a well-designed question that includes perspective, type of evaluation, population and timeframe. 15%
Question 3:
Justification of your chosen economic evaluation method based on the strengths of this method over and above the other methods. The justification should be specific to your study question. 15%
Question 4:
Able to identify all costs and resource categories under each of the categories, ensuring that the costs and resources are applicable to the study perspective. 25%
Question 5:
Able to identify a range of viable strategies for collecting cost data. 10%
Question 6:
A clear statement and rationale of how you will value each of the resource inputs taking into consideration the study timeframe, and different types of resources. 10%
Question 7:
A clear statement and rationale of how you will measure the health outcomes taking into consideration the study method. 10%
Demonstrated reading and use of the literature (including consistent referencing that adheres to an appropriate style. 5%
Presentation/organisation (expression fluent, concise and clear, with accurate spelling/grammar and care shown in overall presentation and organisation). 5%
Total Marks 100%
Learning Outcomes & Support
Assesses Unit Learning Outcome/s (ULO): Completing this task will help to develop the intended learning outcomes of: ULO 1: Explain the essential characteristics of economic evaluation, and how it differs from other forms of health care evaluations;
ULO 2: Compare and contrast the different methods of undertaking an economic evaluation;
ULO 3: Explain the basic steps in conducting an economic evaluation of a health care intervention;
ULO 4: Explain the different types of cost that will be included in an economic evaluation and how to measure and value these costs; and
ULO 5: Analyse the different methods of presenting health outcomes in an economic evaluation.
Assesses Deakin
Graduate Learning
Outcome/s (GLO): Completing this assessment task develops the graduate attributes of written communication (GLO 2), critical analysis & thinking (GLO 4), developing, planning and managing independent work (GLO 6) and will develop the ability to work with a systematic body of knowledge and understand the ethical and social consequences of the discipline (GLO 1).
What support will
students get in preparing the assessment task? CloudDeakin Discussion Board for each Assessment Task; explanation marking guide (document); Tutorials for on-campus students and online tutorials for offcampus students.

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