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Question 1:
Define and explain the following terminologies:
• Computer network;
• Personal area networks (PANs);
• Local area networks;
• Metropolitan area networks;
• Wide area networks;
• Data communications;
• Multiplexing;
• Network management.
Question 2:
A modified NRZ code known as enhanced-NRZ (E-NRZ) is sometimes used for high-density magnetic tape recording. E-NRZ encoding entails separating the NRZ-L data stream into 7-bit words; inverting bits 2, 3, 6, and 7; and adding one parity bit to each word. The parity bit is chosen to make the total number of 1s in the 8-bit word an odd count. What are the advantages of ENRZ over NRZ-L? Disadvantages?
Question 3:
Two companies consider pooling resources to perform a joint venture. The CEO of the first company meets with his legal team, and the legal team consults a number of middle managers in the proposed product area. Meanwhile, the CEO of the first company sends an email to the CEO of the second company to offer a couple suggestions concerning the joint venture. Does this scenario follow the OSI model? Explain.
Question 4:
What is the channel capacity for a teleprinter channel with a 300-Hz bandwidth and a signal-to-noise ratio of 3 dB, where the noise is white thermal noise?
Question 5:
Can you transmit a video signal over twisted pair wire? Explain. Be sure to consider multiple scenarios.
Question 6:
Twenty-four voice signals are to be multiplexed and transmitted over twisted pair. What is the bandwidth required (in bps) if synchronous time division multiplexing is used, if we use the standard analog to digital sampling rate, and if each sample is converted into an 8-bit value?
To demonstrate your understanding of:
• Communication and network Architecture
• Data and signals
• Conducted and wireless media
• Effective Communication types and standard
• Error Detection and Control
Marking criteria
Marks will be awarded for:
• correctness and completeness of the answers;
• inclusion of appropriate figures, where applicable;
• clarity of explanations;
• correctness of spelling, grammar, and format of the submission;
• report presentation style;
• correct in-text referencing and reference list according to the APA referencing style.
You are required to write the answers in a word document and submit it. Use Times new
roman/Palatino Linotype/Calibri/Cambria/Arial fonts using 10 to 12 font size. You can also submit
your document in pdf format as well.
Your answers to the questions should be precise but complete and informative. Below is a guideline
about expected length of the answers in terms of the number of words:
(Question 1: 100- 200 words for each part;
Questions 2 - 6: max 400 words)
APA reference style should be used in the assignment. APA referencing guide can be found

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