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Workplace application online journal Due date: 3-Apr -2016 Length: 400 words excluding reference list Task This journal task asks you to think critically about the workplace application of a slice of knowledge relating to the topic. Citations and references are required to support your arguments. As a minimum, use references from the topic; but you may wish to go further. The online journal is assessed on the quality of the argument presented. Rationale This assessment will enable you to demonstrate your ability to produce informed, relevant and well-communicated advice relating to the application of strategic human resource management in organizations; and to communicate specialized strategic human resource management knowledge and ideas. As you read the material above, try to identify points of intersection between strategic management and SHRM. Is it correct to say that SHRM is a specific application of the broader focus of strategic management? What does this link tell us about the objectives of SHRM? What are the main differences between strategic management and strategic human resource management?

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