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ASSESSMENT TASKS ASSESSMENT 1: Personal Individual Reflection Journal Entry Weight: 15% Due Date: To be confirmed Content: Individual reflective paper (800-1000 words) Introduction Change is constant in our lives and our organisations. Organisations undergo rapid cycles of change, some feature major turbulence (downsizing, restructures) and change complexity (mergers, acquisitions). The way each of us experiences any change event is different depending on our role in the change and how the change affect us. No matter how difficult or unpleasant the change, there is always an opportunity for learning about ourselves. In doing so, we search for and discover new ways of managing change for ourselves and others? One of our greatest avenues of learning about how to manage change more effectively, and to make a difference, is from our personal and professional experiences and reflections on our experiences of change. Instructions Reflect on your change experiences at the individual, group, inter-group and larger organization level from readings, chapters in the SET TEXT the first three to four weeks of class. You may get ideas from the case studies in the text as well but you much refer to the scholarly literature not only a case study. Apply the reading to your personal experience to demonstrate your increased understanding of models and concepts in organizational change literature. Make clear how you have developed deeper understanding and how you intend to use this deeper understanding in specific circumstances in the future. 1 You need to demonstrate that you have thought deeply about how you currently manage change in your life both professionally and personally and how you will be better able to manage change in the future. 2 You must relate your writing to course material eg the psychological contract, change agent, change models, types of change etc. 3 You are required to submit a typed page and no more 800 to 1000 words essay covering four topics of 200-150 words each topic. Select a key issue or concept based on a lecture topic/chapter and additional readings reading so far and examine how they relate to you as a professional. 4 Your lecturer will regard your essay writing in the strictest confidence 5 This assignment is designed to help you as feedback is giving in your writing. 6 Use Harvard Referencing for each topic. Total 4 topic. 7 Reference each reflection demonstrating what exactly you have read and which concept you selected to apply to and increase understanding of your personal experience 8 Read and use one journal article or chapter topic per reflection – using a referenced concept contained in the reading. 9 You will be provided with feedback within two weeks before your essay.

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