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CIS8004-Journal 1, 2, 3, & 4 Due date: Journal, 1, 2, 3, & 4 Due Dates: Refer to course website Value: See the course website(Marked out of 100, each item) Description: Professional Business Document Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstance. The assignment should be packaged as one single pdf file and then submitted via the link provided on the course page. Submission All assessment items are individual submissions. You are asked to submit the assignment simply though the link provided. You are encouraged to discuss the assignment solution path with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements but you should develop the solution to the assessment items on your own. All assignment submissions must be completed individually via your study desk. Collusion and cheating is considered to be a very serious issue and all assignments will be closely monitored to ensure that all students are submitting their own work. This ensures that all students are treated fairly and graded on their own knowledge and work. It is acceptable to discuss course content with others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements however you must not discuss the actual assignment solution and the solutions to assignment questions must be done on your own. You must not copy from anyone, including tutors and fellow students, nor provide copies of your work to others. Assignments that do not adhere to this requirement will be deemed as being the result of collusion or cheating. This may lead to severe academic penalties as outlined in the Student Academic Regulation Misconduct policy found at: misconduct/index.html. It is your own responsibility to ensure the integrity of your work. It is recommended that you use passwords to protect your files and ensure that others are unable to access your work. All assignments must be submitted in electronic form via the link on the Study Desk by the due date. Ensure that you read the extension guidelines as per the USQ/BELA policies and procedures. Only requests that fall within the specified guidelines of USQ/BELA will be considered. Do not assume that all extension requests will be approved. Read each assessment item question carefully and refer as required to your course textbook and I/SB materials. I encourage students to post any queries that they have regarding this assignment onto the course Study Desk. I also encourage other students to get involved in theses type of postings. However, you should avoid directly answering any question related to assessment times. As a course examiner, I will keep any eye on the forums and intervene wherever required. Please also read the Study desk item regarding contact with the course team prior to directly contacting the course team. For all assessment item digital file naming convention: When you have an assessment item you need to upload digitally, please use the following naming convention when saving your digital document: (If you do not follow this you will lose marks) Student last name_assignment #_CIS2000_Student USQ ID Assignment # For example, the second assignment for CIS2000 submitted by Jianming Yong, student # 0061234567. If I was uploading this assessment item, my file would be named as follows: Yong_A2_CIS2000_0061234567.doc CIS8004-Journal 1, 2, 3, & 4 (Question Statements) Journal 1 to be submitted as single document (10% - 600 words) – Preliminary Report to implement new Information Systems You are working for a Health Care organization as an IS/IT Manager, which has a current Health Information Systems (HIS). The existing HIS has been implemented for several years and supports the core / operating business processes of the Health Care organization (APQC – Health Care Provider Process Classification Framework). Your manager returns from a conference at which he was given a demonstration of the new version of the HIS which has smart handheld device capabilities. He is excited about this new technological development and asks you to research the feasibility of introducing smart handheld devices (e.g. smartphones). Develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the new version of HIS with smart handheld devices which outlines the current and future state of the Health Care organization. Highlight specific CSF’s, business processes, value streams, business capabilities which will be affected by this change. Include in your journal a graphical representation of the information architecture both before and after the change. Journal 2 to be submitted as single document (15% - 750 words) – Planning for a new Information Systems Your journal 2 task is to present various factors that you need to consider while planning to introduce smart handheld devices for your selected health care organisation. For this purpose, assume that you are an IS/ IT Manager of a small hospital. The hospital consists of greater than 50 beds, and specialises in diabetic related treatments. The CEO is keen to extend the existing HIS to be accessible using smart handheld devices so that patients or their carers can schedule hospital appointment requests, check available treatment options, conduct treatment bookings, access treatment fees and other pertinent information. You can nominate the hospital, the type of services to be offered using the smart handheld devices as an initial scope and then present a plan for the implementation of the smart handheld device interface to the existing or potential HIS. Understanding the change is key to developing the plan for implementation. Include in your plan a before and after illustration of the information and technical architecture. The illustration could be in the form of a reference model / business anchor model using processes or capabilities or value streams with an overlay of systems. Identify risks and potential issues (people, process and technology) which may impede or affect your ability to introduce smart handheld devices. Journal 3 to be submitted as single document (15% - 750 words) Your journal 3 task is to identify various cost aspects for developing the HIS interface that is accessible through smart handheld devices and integrating the HIS interface securely with other information systems in the hospital. The hospital staff use various legacy systems such as the HR system, finance system, access system and payroll systems. These systems should also be accessible using smart handheld devices. The CEO would like to develop a complete set of software, hardware, telecommunication and human resources infrastructure for the purpose of developing the HIS interface planned in Journal 2. Your submission should be a 5 year costs analysis including potential benefits realisation. Provide an explanation to accompany your costs analysis related to Journal 4 to be submitted as single document (10% - 600 words) Your journal 4 task is to identify how the HIS interface that uses the smart handheld devices can be aligned with the organisation’s existing business processes. You may choose any three key business processes in the hospital, e.g. emergency response process, outpatient discharge process, pharmacy drug administration process, etc. The plan should outline how the device will integrate with the existing Technical Architecture of the HIS. Pay specific attention to the data, integration, security and collaboration components of the technical architecture.

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