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SITXMGT401 - MONITOR WORK OPERATIONS Project • 1 Conduct research on a local or national organisation. o A. Identify a typical workplace procedure or issue that might require improvement or amendment. What data could you collect and what records could you consult to assist in identifying problems or opportunities? Design a plan for suggesting improvement or variation to the current operational plan; explain the steps you would need to take and how you would present this information to the appropriate personnel. Explain the decision-making processes you could follow. Upload your answer for assessment. o B. Detail the organisation’s policies and procedures that should be followed to recruit, select and induct new staff. Upload your answer for assessment. o C. Explain the procedures that should be followed to roster staff and ensure that there are sufficient staff members available to provide high quality customer service. Upload your answer for assessment. • 2 2.Operational plans are made in order to ensure that work is monitored and progress toward achieving goals can be assessed. They are also used to set the necessary performance standards. How can staff find out what those goals and performance standards are? What procedures could they follow to determine whether their performance is meeting expectations and whether they are on target for meeting goals? If they are not able to meet their targets, what options might be available to them? Upload your answer for assessment. 40word a assessment

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