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Recruit and Select & Manage Staff Induction Assessment Task 2 (Due : Week 7) Candidate’s Name ID No. Assessor’s Name X Assessment Site Assessment Date/s Time/s The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective You must demonstrate your ability to analyse the recruitment and selection needs of a business, develop a plan and recruitment and selection systems and processes to meet these needs and train staff to implement them. You must demonstrate your ability to research and develop a set of guidelines for an induction program that complies with, and addresses, the induction policy and procedures of your subject organisation. Assessment description Many small businesses lack well developed recruitment and selection systems. The resulting poor staffing decisions can cost businesses time and money and lead to worker frustration. You will need to identify a small business, a business with which you are familiar or a business agreed with your assessor and conduct research into that business’ human resources needs (for both now and in the future). You will then develop and implement a plan to address the recruitment and selection and induction needs of the business. Procedure 1. You need to identify a small business or a business with which you are familiar with. You are strongly encouraged to use your current or previous employment for this assessment. (Your selection of business/employment must be discussed with and approved by your trainer.) Part A : Recruit & Selection 2. You must provide a report covers ALL of the following requirements: (a). a brief business profile of your selected and approved business which covers : ? product and/or services ? clients base ? your position in the company ? location ? future direction (b). Suggest how you can determine human resources needs in collaboration with relevant managers or team leaders in the company. (c). Prepare a full and detailed “position description” for your position in the company. (d). Prepare a full and detailed “person specification” for your position in the company. (e). Suggest how you can provide access to training and support to all persons involved in the recruitment and selection process. (f). Prepare a draft ‘advertisement’ notice for your position in the company. (g). Suggest who can you consult (external and internal resources) for issues related to recruitment and selection processes. (h). Suggest appropriate ‘screening methods” you would consider using during selection process. (i), Prepare a list of minimum 10 behavioral interview questions to be used for interview section with candidate for the advertised position. (j). Suggest most appropriate methods to be used to inform the candidate of the outcome after the interview. (k). Suggest what information to be included in the contract of employment to the successful candidate. Part B: Manage Staff Induction 3. (a). Suggest various training programme for internal staff involves in the induction process, in order to carry out their tasks successfully. (b). Prepare a detailed one day “induction programme” for new employee who join your company. (c). Suggest how you can ensure at induction processes are followed across the organisation according to approved induction plan. (d). Suggest how you should manage probationary employees and provide them with feedback until their employment is confirmed or terminated. (e). Provide minimum 2 recommendations to improve and refine the induction policies and procedures. Instructions/Reminders 1. Submit the completed written report on the specific date, time and location as advised by your assessor. 2. This is an individual task. 3. You are required to provide answer for ALL sections or questions in this assessment task. 4. All assessment answer must be typed using Microsoft Word (font size :12, font : Arial or Times New Roman) and presented in the appropriate format approved and instructed by trainer. 5. You are NOT allowed to copy straight from any internet-based or written materials available. 6. You are strongly encouraged to use your own words to attempt this assessment. 7. You are required to provide proper and appropriate referencing (if applicable). 8. You are NOT allowed to copy or attempt to copy the work of another student or permit another student to copy or attempt to copy your work. 9. Severe penalties shall apply for copying, plagiarism and any improper use of materials or ignoring instructions given by trainer. Penalties may include failure of the unit and exclusion from the college. 10. It is your responsibility to attend to your classes and seek assistance from trainer if needed.

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