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Assessment tasks Title: Assessment task 1: Language development and teaching oral language Due date: Wednesday April 4, 2016 Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes: This task is designed to: ? Develop your understanding of literacy teaching as you read and critique a range of theoretical perspectives on literacies and review researched literacy practices. ? Build your repertoire of effective and inclusive literacy teaching and learning experiences for primary school children, with an emphasis on oral literacy skills. ? Extend your personal literacies through research and academic writing, drawing on the use of a range of information and communication technologies. Details of task: The purpose of this task is to develop a theoretical critique of the literature related to oral language in children’s literacy development. Drawing on research evidence and professional literature you are required to provide a critical evaluation of the relationship between oral language and literacy in the primary school years. This should include a discussion of the different aspects of language that are foundational to and facilitative of literacy learning and development. Based on your evaluation, you should then identify three to four teaching activities designed to support students` language learning. Your description needs to include rationales for selection, the potential learning outcomes and clear details of the teaching and learning tasks. Word count/equivalent: 2000 words Weighting/Value: 50% Presentation requirements: The assignment should be written as an essay and must conform to APA 6th edition writing and referencing style. Criteria for marking: You have identified key aspects of oral language that support students’ literacy learning with this discussion informed by our course readings and professional sources. You have described tasks that are facilitative of students’ learning, providing clear rationales and details of students` learning outcomes with reference to our course materials and professional sources. Your writing demonstrates a well-expressed, proof-read and coherent development of ideas. You have used correct citation conventions and accurately recorded the bibliographic details of texts cited in your paper.

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