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SITXINV401 STOCK CONTROL SECTION 2: PROCESS STOCK ORDERS Activity 6 • 2 Briefly describe what trigger/ alert mechanisms can be used to alert you that it`s time to order stock. Activity 7 Conduct some research and develop policies and procedures that can be used as the reference to maintain accurately the ordering and recording system and briefly explain how each is applied. Activity8 Select 1-5 products and record a business`s quality inspection procedure for them. Briefly discuss what issues would be considered in designing the inspection procedure. SECTION 4: FOLLOW UP ORDERS Activity11 • 1 Draw a diagram to represent a possible supply chain. Draw in linkages/ paths that could be used. If your drawing is in electronic form, upload it for assessment. If you have a paper copy, submit to your assessor by a negotiated method (eg mail/ fax). Activity13 Describe all the distribution paths for stock handled by a business, starting with the receipts area. Written / Oral Questions • 9 Address and discuss any considerations in relation to: a. Relevant health and safety requirements. b. Relevant legislative and statutory requirements. c. Relevant industry codes of practice. • 10 Why is there not a universal solution to satisfy all storage needs? Project1 • 1 You are creating a ready reference for new employees. Using 1-2 pages for each item, outline the procedures used in a workplace: o for the receipt and dispatch of goods o to maintain stock records o to conduct a full stock take and cyclical counts (or equivalent) o to identify stock losses and briefly present some past action taken to minimise losses o to process orders o to follow up orders

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