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Assessment item 1 Assessment item 1 Value: 20% Due date: 05-Apr-2016 Return date: 27-Apr-2016 Submission method options Alternative submission method Task The purpose of Assessment item 1 is to establish the skills needed in the workplace for costing products and services using the appropriate processes and tools and apply analytical processes to construct accounting systems and models using workplace tools. Each question uses realistic data and the professional practices similar to that found in workplaces. QUESTION 1 Purpose of management accounting reports What is the purpose of management accounting reports? Give three examples. QUESTION 2 factors that drive management accounting work Describe the three factors that drive management accounting work. QUESTION 3 Cost concepts Which of the following is incorrect? A Direct materials + direct labour = prime cost B Direct labour + manufacturing overhead = conversion cost C Prime cost + conversion cost = cost of goods manufactured D Cost of goods manufactured = direct labour + direct materials + manufacturing overhead E Only one of the above is incorrect Explain your answer. QUESTION 4 Manufacturing statement and income statement Spreadsheet. See the Spreadsheet Advice in Interact2 Resources and the examples in your textbook. See the requirements within the spreadsheet template below. Check the spreadsheet assignment requirements. Ensure you have separate data and report areas. The report area will show only formulas. Use IF functions to allow for the possibility of either a net income or a net loss. QUESTION 5 Cost concepts Should overtime payments be treated as direct labour, or as overhead? Why? QUESTION 6 Understanding the entries in the Materials Control account. The Materials Control account balances were $34 000 on 1 June and $28 000 on 30 June. Raw materials purchased during June cost $90 000. Direct materials issued to production during June were $40 000. Required: Reconstruct the Materials Control T-account and show the general journal entry to record the cost of raw materials issued as indirect materials during June. QUESTION 7 Understanding the entries in the Accrued Payroll account Salaries and wages payable to factory employees were $12,000 on 1 March and $34,000 on 31 March. Gross salaries and wages paid during March totalled $32,000. March`s direct labour totalled $19,000. Required: T-account for Accrued Payroll and general journal entries for recording salaries and wages earned by, and paid to, factory employees during March. QUESTION 8 Payroll entries The Patel Company has a gross payroll of $8 000 per day. Withholdings for PAYG taxes are $2400 per day. There are no other deductions from employees` earnings. The firm works five days per week, Monday to Friday inclusive. The payroll period covers Thursday to Wednesday inclusive and the payroll for the week is paid on the following Friday. Gross payroll consists of $4800 direct labour, $1600 indirect factory labour, $1120 selling expenses and $480 general and administrative expenses each day. The following calendar should be used to answer the questions: (a) What is the total amount to be credited to Accrued Payroll in respect of September earnings? (b) If balance day adjustments are performed at the end of each month, what would be the balance in Accrued Payroll account at the close of business on September 30? (c) Suppose that a single journal entry is made on the last day of each month to record the distribution of total labour costs for the month, but that entries are made each Friday to record payment of wages and withholdings. Also, PAYG taxes withheld are remitted to the Taxation Department at the end of each month. (i) Show the weekly journal entry. (ii) Construct the necessary ledger accounts to show all entries in respect of labour costs during the month of September. QUESTION 9 Activity Based Costing Your employer is contemplating changing the existing costing systems used in the business to adopt activity based costing (ABC). Prepare a business report to critically evaluate arguments for and against ABC. Use the Internet as a resource (about 300 words excluding references). The following resource will help you prepare and format your report: QUESTION 10 Service department cost allocation Spreadsheet problem. Check the spreadsheet assignment requirements and review the examples in your textbook. Using template 1 below, re-allocate the service centre costs to the production departments by (a) the direct method (b) the step method (c) the reciprocal services method (d) complete the T accounts shown in the second template for EACH method. Add this template to the first template such that all solutions are created automatically. (e) Assume you are the manager with the task of choosing one only of these methods to implement. With reference to the outcomes of each method, outline the criteria relevant to your decision. Template 1 Template 2. Create a solution for EACH method. See your text for examples.

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