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Question 1 [3 marks]: Define and explain the following terminologies: Business intelligence (BI); IT Agility; SWOT analysis; Strategic planning; Enterprise architecture; Management information systems; MIS and DSS; Cloud infrastructure; Data and text mining; DMS; Big data. Question 2 [1 mark]: Suggest a list of information technology (IT) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and outline the advantages and disadvantages associated with IT KPI. Question 3 [1 mark]: What is SaaS and outline its benefit and disadvantages. Explain your answer. Question 4 [5 marks]: Study -Cloud Pro Leverages iPad’s touch: Benefits Start-Ups- in your text book [Chapter 2, IT at Work 2.4] and answer the following questions: Consider this statement: Cloud computing is about the flexible delivery of services at the point of need. Explain how Cloud Pro offers flexible delivery of network management (the service). Explain how it offers that service to network admins at the point of need (e.g., while on vacation or away from the office). Discuss one benefit and one disadvantage of Cloud Pro for network admins. Search and view a video demo of Rackspace’s Cloud Pro for the iPad. Does the app have amazing features, as Mike Mayo described? Question 5 [5 marks]: Study -Are There Places Not to Use Analytics?- in your text book [Chapter 3, IT at Work 3.3] and answer the following questions: In your opinion, who might benefit from Seed and what are those benefits? To what extent, if any, do you agree about the concern for reporting integrity? To what extent, if any, do you agree about the concern for reporting quality? Do you detect other new media organizations following a similar strategy to attract readers—and remain in business? Identify those organizations and their similarity to AOL’s use of Seed.

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