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SECTION 1: PROVIDE INFORMATION ON HEALTH, SAFETY AND SECURITY Activity1: • 2 Suggest a communication method for each of the scenarios that are readily accessible, appropriate to the target audience and regular. • A floristry apprentice who is on their first day at work. • n experienced forklift operator who is being asked to use a brand new machine. • Regional director responsible for safety. Needs to be informed of the results of a new safety initiative. Activity2: • 1. List three barriers to communication that prevent information from being communicated successfully—readily accessible, timely, accurate and understood. Provide an example for each communication barrier and identify how you could overcome it. • 2 Identify if the listed communication processes are formal or informal. Apprentice induction Forklift operating instructions Regional director report HSR starting a safety conversation with colleagues in the lunch room SECTION 2: MONITOR SAFE WORK PRACTICES Activity 3 • Identify ways adherence to the health and safety procedures listed could be monitored. 1. Fire evacuation procedure. 2. Incident of accident reporting. 3. HSR’s consultation with employees. 4. Hazard identification and risk assessment. 5. Security—documents, equipment, cash, people and key controls. SECTION 5: IMPLEMENT AND MONITOR HEALTH, SAFETY AND SECURITY TRAINING Activity 16 • Your team is concerned that they have insufficient knowledge/ understanding of safety procedures and legislative requirements in the workplace. They also feel that the incidence of accidents in their section is higher than it should be. They have asked you to submit, to senior management, a proposal for a formal health and safety training program. • 1 What information would you include in the proposal and how would you encourage senior management to support this initiative? What procedures would you follow in gathering data and information to support your proposal? How likely is it that this or a similar proposal would be accepted in a workplace? • 2 What critical health and safety information should be contained in a new worker induction program? • 3 Why is only providing induction training and no follow-up training unsatisfactory?

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