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Assessment tasks Title: Assessment task 1: An examination of learning theories Due date: Sunday 9 April 2016 by 11.55pm Assessment task link to unit learning outcomes: This assessment task links to learning outcomes 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 as outlined below. 1. Understand and engage with research into, and theories of, effective learning models. 2. Demonstrate how responsive relationships and pedagogical practices position the learner at the heart of teaching. 5. Demonstrate advanced capacity as reflective learners and professionals who can draw on personal experiences of learning to identify key influences on learning. 6. Demonstrate practices to extend professional understanding through reflective and scholarly inquiry. 7. Develop a personal and professional philosophy around learning. Details of task: Overview This assessment task (addressing learning outcomes 1, 2, and 5-7) forms a detailed examination of two or more learning theories. Building on information presented in lectures and activities undertaken in workshops, students are required to draw on peer reviewed academic literature to present a detailed examination and comparison of two or more learning theories. At some point in your writing, you must address the following question: What does learning mean to you? Guidelines Your essay should: Make use of the lecture/workshop material and relevant readings (the academic literature) to guide your writing. These may include: ? Readings provided as part of the reading list; ? Other items made available on Moodle; Additional peer-reviewed readings that you find yourself. (Peer-reviewed readings include journal articles from academic publications that been vetted by other academics. This is usually stated clearly on the journal website or at the start of any hard copy publication. They also include research-based books published by academic publishers.) PLEASE NOTE: Your assignment MUST include a MINIMUM of three additional peer-reviewed readings that you find yourself. These are to be identified in your bibliography by beginning the reference with an asterisk. For example: *Shulman, L. S. (1986). Those who understand: Knowledge growth in teaching. Educational Researcher, 15(2), 4-14. In addition, your essay should also: ? Meet the word count (within 10%), and be logically and coherently structured. ? Use clear and appropriate language that is correct in both spelling and grammar. ? Ensure your work is original and that you identify where you draw on the words and ideas of others. ? Make correct use of the APA 6th Edition style of referencing. ? Include your name in the header of each numbered page. ? Meet the presentation requirements outlined below. Word count/equivalent: 2000 words (including references) Weighting/Value: 50% Presentation requirements: ? This assignment is to be uploaded as a PDF document. ? The first page must include the title of the work, the student`s name, student number and workshop tutor. ? All pages must have standard margins. ? The body of the work may be organised under subheadings. ? The body text must be Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point font, double spaced throughout. ? Page numbers should appear on the top right hand corner of each page and the student`s name should appear in the header of each numbered page. ? All referencing must follow APA 6th Edition guidelines and a full bibliography must be included.

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