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You are required to conduct a review of the article; “Closing the achievement gap: will the national education agenda be a help or hindrance” by Alan Reid. This requires you to provide a brief summary of the key arguments or findings in the article. Discuss the rigour and quality of the ideas and issues it presents with reference to other academic literature you may have read and other sources such as media reports. Refer to any personal teaching experience you may have had that will help to illustrate why an understanding of this issue is important to you in your profession as a teacher. Refer to other similar or contrasting views expressed in this article. Criteria Maximum 600 words Effective summary of the issues under discussion Discussion of the quality of the ideas Presented Clarity of review and relevance of the issue to education Reference to other academic readings on the issues under discussion Competence in effective communication, spelling, grammar, punctuation, referencing and essay structure and layout Journal Article is attached to this email.

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