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Dear students, Attached is a sample of the structure of how you need to answer online journal 1b or topic 2 which is due on 21 March. A sample calculation is likewise, provided for only 1 job category but you need to continue with the other job classifications in the transition matrix Assessment 1b - Topic 2 – journal activity: Human resource planning at CERA (5 marks, 400 words max; ) In the journal assessment task for this topic you will work on interpreting this data and making recommendations on strategies. To do this well, you will need to take into account (i) the slice of experience recounted above; (ii) the vision and strategy of CERA, using the information that the company has provided on its website; and (iii) the presentation by Israel in the last topic. But first, you need to understand and apply the key concepts using Chapter 7 of Kramar et al. (2014) and some additional resources. In addition, your journal task for this topic is to apply the knowledge that you have gained so far to do the following exercise. Analyse the data provided by Israel Tobin (refer to Topic 2 CERA tables of transitional matrix) to determine whether there is likely to be a surplus or a shortage in staffing in each job category in the Civil Engineering Division and in the Planning Division, at Year 5. Show your calculations. (Hint: the first thing to do is to calculate the staffing levels in the transition matrix.) Be able to watch the video of Markov analysis to get a better view of the Transitional matrix. Depending on your answer, make recommendations on strategies that could be implemented to manage the gaps, using the information in this topic. Post your answer as a new entry in the Journal tool. Include citations and a reference list for all sources used. If you are taking this subject in a face-to-face class, your lecturer will provide instructions on how to complete these tasks.

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