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Take Manulife Insurance as an example

  1. a clear and logical structure
  2. clear articulation of ideas and their relevance to assignment questions
  3. demonstration and application of your knowledge and understanding of the concepts, ideas, and techniques described in the course
  4. quality of argument and level of analysis
  5. demonstration of your ability to use relevant sources and your own experiences to illustrate your points.

Assignment 1

In Assignment 1, you are to choose and complete any one of the following topics below.
The paper should be between 1,750 and 2,000 words.

Note that simply reiterating the definition or description of the theories from the course materials does not show real understanding. The more effective and efficient (word-saving) way to demonstrate your understanding of the theories is to apply them and provide appropriate examples. Where necessary, theory definitions and descriptions longer than a few words can be provided in a footnote that does not take up the word count.

Assignment Topics
Choose only one of the following topics, and do not try to answer the sub-questions separately. The answers should be well integrated into your essay.
1. Organizational Motivation
Identify two to three issues in your chosen organization that present either a challenge or an opportunity for employee motivation. Using the most applicable motivation theories for the organizational context, choose at least one of the issues you identified for an in-depth critical analysis. (The number of issues and theories to be covered would depend on the scope and depth of analysis that each issue warrants, the relationship between the issues, and what theories are appropriate in the circumstance.) How can the organization further improve its employee motivation to achieve better performance in the areas you specified?

Students should use APA style for referencing.

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