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Bellow is Subject02 "Human Factors" assignment .. Please note this is a completely different subject than "the research subject" !! Please make sure I don`t get a bad "expert" like the first one as this essay weight 50% of the subject !! MUST be top English writer with top research skills to pick good resources and articles !! PLEASE TELL THE EXPERT TO READ THE ASSIGNMENT INFO AND FOLLOW THEM VERY VERY CAREFULLY ! Write 1500 words essay on the following topic: The Potential Effects of Culture in Aviation Safety FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS • Clearly state your topic and aim at the beginning of your assignment • In all instances, assignments should show evidence of other reading, which should be properly referenced • The preferred referencing method is the American Psychological Association (1995) or Harvard "At least 6 references" • References to resource note articles should cite the original publication details – do not cite resource notes themselves – they are only a guide to your further reading and reflection • All citations should be included in a reference list at the end of the assignment • Subheadings within the essay are acceptable and are often helpful in giving the essay adequate structure • Assignments should include at least one introduction, aim, body and conclusion • Spell-check your assignment before submission • Always attribute your work Marking Criteria • Each assignment will be evaluated according to published standards and that to arrive at a final grade, your work will be assessed according to the following criteria: • Grasp of the topic: an overall assessment of your understanding of the implications and significance of the topic • Requirements met: the extent to which the assignment addresses the set topic • Discrimination of relevant issues: the extent to which issues relevant to the topic are selected • Synthesis: the extent to which concepts, ideas and arguments are explained and integrated coherently • Application: the accuracy with which concepts are applied to the situation • Organisation: the extent to which ideas are presented in a logical manner in order to facilitate communication • Expression: includes spelling and grammar • Documentation: attribution and research displayed • Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances • Feedback on this assignment will be provided with the return of the paper after marking

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