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ASSESSMENT 2: Individual Literature Review Weight: 35% Due Date: 12th Apr 2016 Content: Minimum 2000 words excluding references, tables and any figures and additional pages. Submitted through Turnitin Instructions ? Each student explores a different aspect of the change by reviewing the relevant literature and writing a summary of models, theories and empirical evidence of what is the latest knowledge on that topic. ? This work is an individual effort, though the group have collectively decided on the change case study ? What the Literature Review has to do: o Identifies a particular perspective or way of looking at the change in the case study o Discusses on aspect of the change, o For example some essays will look at the model of change, the strategy and type of change, the drivers or rationale, grounded in the literature on transformation and transition o Others will look at different topics such as resistance, commitment, engagement, leadership, communication, cynicism, job design, psychological contract, change agency, innovation etc. o In one or two sentences describe the context of the case study and the rest of the paper should focus on a review of the literature on People & Process Interventions as part of the case study NOT the case study itself. o Describes the known theories in the topic, the empirical research evidence from studies on the topic, compares and contrasts perspectives, concludes in summarises the paper’s observations. o Is a stand-alone document that you use to contribute in the CASE STUDY when you work in groups o You do not analyse the CASE in this Paper, this is an empirical and theoretical essay. The individual, ? Collates relevant literature that will explain and help understand and interpret the change ? Links historical perspectives i.e. theories of with more recent studies ? Critically analyses and Identifies limitations in the literature to explain this change ? Presents the work as an theoretical and empirical essay ? Structures the paper to provide and Introduction, Discussion and Conclusion. The essay provides a summary that states the problem under study (the change and the topic you are looking at) and how this Literature Review has applied theories and integrated relevant (empirical studies) in literature to explain/understand the aspect of the change that you are covering in some detail. ? Is concise, clear and provides evidence of focused reading and an understanding of the literature ? Does not waffle or pad out or repeat information (only 2000 words of text in essay). ? 15 – 20 references (Book or Paper) NOTE: This is an academic task; you will read academic papers from good scholarly journals on the topic of change and development as well as your text. You will demonstration your deep knowledge of a particular subject or topic in the field of organizational change and development For example as a result of your personal goals or experience you might have an interest in stress, leadership, job satisfaction, turnover, transformational change, innovation, culture values, communication in change or development of change or change management interventions, you select an area that is interesting to you and relevant for the case study. STUDENTS who demonstrate deep learning, critical analysis, referencing reputable authors and integrating contrasting views on the topic from the literature will be rewarded by marks that reflect effort. Appendix 2 MARKING GUIDE: BMO6624: ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT LITERATURE REVIEW Student Name(s): ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Student Number(s): __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Marking Criteria: Unsatisfactory (N: 0-49%) Satisfactory (P: 50-59%) Good (C: 60-69%) Very Good (D: 70-79%) Excellent (HD: 80-100%) Comments: ? Concept definition in recent literature supported by empirical evidence 25% o depth and relevance of literature covered o application of theory to explain the change o critical analysis, interpretation and integration of literature ? Organisation 10% o clarity of writing o style, structure, presentation, expression o quality of references and referencing o Word count (2000 +/- 10%) Handed in on time: Yes / No Initials of Lecturer: Grade: Mark:

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