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Information Sciences Research Methodology PG Assignment 2: Research Design and Evaluation Value 20%, 1500 words maximum Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to explain and evaluate the proposed research methodology of your own research. Also discuss why the research methodology you have chosen is appropriate for your research. Task:The following topics must be covered in the assessment. You should include evidence from relevant literature to support your arguments when possible. 1. A summary of your literature review that positions your proposed study withinexisting research and identifies a gap 2. Your research problem/question/hypothesis. What you expect to find out. Whyyour study is significant. 3. The theory you intend to use and its role in your study 4. The research strategy and methods selected (i.e., how you will carry out your studyand why it is appropriate) 5. The contributions of your study to theory and practice. Explain the limitations ofthe study (this may suggest future research) 6. The rigour, relevance and possible impact of your study 7. Any additional topics such as ethics, quality, methodology and/or potentialdifficulties Please note that these topics have been covered in weekly seminars and that recommended readings will guide your answers. Submission Instructions: 1. The assignment should be organised using the following guidelines: a. The cover sheet must identify the student (name and number) and assignment. b. The assignment is expected to be written essay style and to have the followingcomponents: abstract, introduction, main section, conclusion and referencesection. c. Reference sources must be cited in the text, and listed appropriately at the endin a reference list in an appropriate style. d. The assignment must use 12 point font size minimum and at least single linespacing with appropriate section headings. e. The abstract and reference list are not included in the word count. *( my topic is “effects of classroom testing by Microcomputer” )*

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Topic: Effects of classroom testing by Microcomputer

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