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Assessment 1 – Gap Analysis and Business Case HIM4IHA and HIM3HIA Group Assessment 1 (800 words / group member total) This formal business report should present the results of your preliminary investigation into a new system, to be read by organisation management. The topic of your analysis should be your case study provided in week 1. The purpose of this document is to justify the forward movement of your project implementation to the system analysis, design and implementation stages. You are both seeking formal approval for the project, and for the project to be included in a future budget. It should contain the following, but is not limited to: Introduction • Goals / objectives Investigative findings • Current state • Problem description • Fishbone diagram outlining problem genesis • Project scope and constraints Recommendations • Recommended system • Feasibility (operational, organisational, cultural, and technical) • Expected benefits • Other possible solutions, and why they were not chosen Optional appendices References Text Format / Layout The document must be in Microsoft Word format. All text must be formatted using styles. There must be a table of contents, generated from heading level styles. The reference list must be machine generated, for example, from Zotero or Endnote. Visual appearance must be consistent and appealing.

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