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Scenario-1 `Indigenous Produce` is a dream venture of new graduates from the University of Auckland. Their business ventures is all about accessing local produce from New Zealand farmers in terms of poultry, vegetables and fruits and open a kind of mini-supermarket to sell the same. The idea sounds brilliant since capitalizing on home grown produce and selling to locals will not be difficult. This could potentially be their major competitive advantage over other supermarkets which import lot of the produce. Cost effectivity will further add to the gains of these young entrepreneurs. If all works well with this venture, they aim to expand in international markets like India and China which are undergoing a big change in their consumption patterns, opting for locally grown produce from countries like New Zealand. Part I Q1.1 Perform a PESTLE analysis on the company, for the environment it would face in New Zealand. (2 Marks each, a total of 12 Marks) Q1.2 Discuss two threats of globalization to `Indigenous Produce`? (6 Marks) (3 Marks each, a total of 6 Marks) Q1.3 Create a vision and mission statement for the company. Provide a brief explanation for your choice. (4 Marks each, a total of 8 Marks) Q1.4 Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for the development of the marketing plan for Indigenous Produce. Identify three (3) points for each component of the SWOT. (12 Marks) (3 Marks each, a total of 12 Marks) Q1.5 Critically analyze the Local PC strategic choice of expansion in the Chinese market. The analysis should include a discussion of suitability, acceptability, and feasibility. Scenario-2 You have been hired as an external market research consultant to Vodafone, New Zealand. Recently, they have witnessed intense competition and dropping sales. You need to Q2.Carry out a five forces analysis of Vodafone`s position in the mobile phone industry. What do you conclude about that industry`s attractiveness. (12) Scenario-3 Amazon`s new Smartphone will serve your eyes and ears. Snap a photo of a book title, and it`ll show you where to buy it. Listen to a song playing in the background, and it`ll direct you to that tune on Amazon. It can even direct you to knowledge: Snap a shot of a painting and it`ll pull up a Wikipedia entry on it. The new Firefly feature also lets you snap bar codes, phone numbers and more. It`s part of the new Fire Phone, which unveiled at an event in Seattle overnight. The phone shares many characteristics found in other Amazon devices and adds functionality, such as images that are constantly changing depending on your angle of vision and the ability to scroll content by tilting the device. Question3.1: Where do you see corporate strategy here-Explain? (5 Marks) Question3.2: What research would Amazon likely have done before they released this device? (5 marks) Question3.3: Why/why not, will this strategy be successful? (4 Marks)

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