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(1) Module- Exploring evidence Sections for your report (Research proposal- 5000 words) Note:- the title page, acknowledgements, table of contents, references and appendices excleded for word count. A-Title page B-Acknowledgements C-Table of contents D-Summary/abstract E-Background context/introduction F-Search strategy G-Literature review- Template to writing up the literature review: Use the following heading to structure writing up your literature review. Once you have written it up you can delete the headings. What databases did you look at and why? What date parameters did you use and why? The key terms used – and why? What was the number of articles you retrieved for the literature review? What inclusion and exclusion criteria did you use to reduce the number of papers and why? What was your final number of papers? Complete the table: Key terms Cinhl articles BNI articles Medline articles Total articles Retrieved = Included = Not relevant = Retrieved = Included = Not relevant = Retrieved = Included = Not relevant = H-Aim/purpose with objectives or research questions I-Methodology approach, participants, sampling, setting, data collection tools, procedure for collecting data, ethical issues, limitations of the study analysis time line Dissemination NOTE: these sections are not definitive add sections you feel are important. J-Results K-Main discussion L-Conclusions and recommendations NOTE – you can combine the discussion and conclusion M-References- Harvard referencing N-Appendices (2)-Module- Finance Report of 3000 words Situation- You are a member of a team of advisors who help a small public sector company determine where to invest pension contributions to ensure growth for stakeholders. Last year you advised the company to invest in NEXT PLC to the extent of £5million. This is about 5% of the overall value of the total portfolio. You have been asked by the trustees of the scheme to prepare a report reviewing the prospects for the company and its shares for the next board meeting on 22nd April 2016. The meeting will conclude with a decision to continue to invest or otherwise. The annual published accounts are available on the company website: Your report should include the following:- A- An introduction to the company including some company history, the principal activities of the company, products, markets and key financial results. (approx.300 words) Note: mention the sector and relative competitors of this company B- Include the following table of key financial data using information from the accounts and annual reports: (Discuss around it leading to the table) approx. 300 words Current year Previous year %movement revenue Operating profit/loss Capital employed Total assets Net cash generated/used in operating activities Earnings per share Final proposed dividend per share Year end share price Year end market capitalisation Give definition used C- Calculate for both the current year and the previous year, five key financial ratios that help to highlight your company’s performance for the trading period. (clearly state definitions used and cross reference sources of information). Summary table with key results Note- calculation in appendix 1 (approx. 300 words) D- Analyse the performance of the company over the last trading period. You are expected to comment on all relevant percentage movements and additional financial ratios (not just the ones calculated in question C). Marks will be awarded for both the relevancy and accuracy of the information presented and the analysis and interpretation of the information. Note- calculation in appendix 2 (approx. 1500 words) Information and relevant details on Next PLC website E- The CEO of Next PLC has provided an account of his view of performance of the company over the last trading period. Using your knowledge of leadership theories to what extent do you feel the new situations/challenges highlighted in the reports will require a change in leadership approach and why? (approx. 450 words) The report should be neatly typed (Arial font size 12) with single line spacing. Harvard referencing is necessary. Wherever needed mention page number or paragraph number. (3)- Module- Clinical Governance Essay Guidelines – Assignment 2 (4000 words) Title In the context of the current social and political climate, how can organisations be held accountable for the quality of care? The assignment This assignment is the opportunity to reflect on the learning from the module, to provide evidence of an understanding of clinical governance and to critically examine how healthcare organisations are held accountable to the public for the quality of care that they and their staff deliver. There will be various approaches and students may choose to look at different aspects but there will need to be a structure, there will need to be evidence of critical analysis of Clinical Governance in the UK or in your country and it will need to meet the Masters level objectives of the module. Structure, presentation and use of references Your essay should read as a formal piece of academic writing, including the use of the third person, correct referencing and paragraphing. You should demonstrate that care has been taken with grammar and spelling. Proof reading is essential to eradicate minor errors in syntax Preparation for assignments Preparation for your assignment will involve study of the module units and some of the recommended texts, as well as additional material of your choice. Literature searches can be time-consuming, so make sure you allow time for this. Keep note of references and valuable resources as you proceed. Failure to do so can lead you to many frustrating hours trying to find the source of your information. Quotations should be brief and used sparingly but any written material you have read and which you wish to use as a source of ideas in your assignment must be referenced. To omit this essential procedure ignores academic practice as well as copyright law. Quoting from or using other writers’ material without acknowledgement constitutes plagiarism, which is unacceptable (University Regulations). Planning the assignment Planning is an individual matter. Some students like to follow a structured approach from the outset, others may prefer to jot down points they consider important for later inclusion into the assignment and structure their work from these notes. Components, or aspects of a component, should be carefully linked so that the work reads fluently. Ensure that you provide sentences which link one paragraph to the next. Refer to a Thesaurus as well as a dictionary to avoid word repetition and to make use of alternative vocabulary. One way of doing this is to read your essay out loud to yourself – another is to get a friend/relative or colleague to read your essay for you. Presentation Your academic essay should be structured as follows: • Front cover sheet • Introduction • Social and political context • 2 or 3 components of Clinical Governance • Conclusion • References • Appendices (optional) Front cover sheet You should include a completed front cover declaration sheet at the beginning of your essay, available on Moodle. Introduction An introduction generally sets the context and usually includes a statement of intent, which will inform the reader of the points you intend to address. Make your introduction concise and clear and avoid lengthy descriptions, which will encroach upon the main body, leading to duplication of effort and word wastage rather than word usage. Social and political context You will want to describe the context that you have chosen in political terms and in relation to the social context. The way in which Clinical Governance has developed in the UK is set against the political background in the UK and the same is likely to be true in a different country. Equally, the specific health problems within a country are likely to drive the priorities for the health system. So, if there is a particular concern with the elderly, or enduring diseases such as diabetes, or the widespread impact of AIDS, or extreme poverty or other lifestyle issues that impact on health, this will be relevant to the quality of care that can be delivered. 2 or 3 components of Clinical Governance Here you need to demonstrate an understanding of Clinical Governance and its contribution to care quality. Components include the subject matter of many of the units in the module; patient focus and public involvement, risk management and patient safety, clinical effectiveness and so on and, although accountability will be a key aspect to explore, there is no expectation that all module content can be covered. Instead you are required to produce a well-argued essay that draws on a range of good quality literature to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles involved. Ideas and key points should be developed by exploration, analysis and discussion. Attend to the logical sequencing of these key points and develop them with reference to the material you selected from your literature search and from the module. These references are evidence of the advantages and disadvantages of the arguments you wish to make. Enter appropriate references to argue your key points. Headings can be used to emphasise the logical progression of your argument. Conclusion The conclusion should provide a clear answer to the essay question by bringing together findings explored within main body. References References are a list of the material (specific findings, views, ideas and quotations) used and cited in the text. For a Masters level essay a minimum of 20-30 references would be expected, all of which should come from reputable academic sources. How old should my references be? The publication date of references is relevant in that it is expected that reading will incorporate both original and more recent publications. These could include a range of books, journals, and/or reputable websites. There is no year limit on how old your sources should be. However you are encouraged to make use of up to date, evidence-based sources, such as journal articles, clinical guidelines, best practice statements and/or systematic reviews.

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