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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to critique the research methodology of a research thesis or journal article or conference paper in order to develop awareness of best practice research in your discipline. Task: Your critique of the research strategy must answer the following questions. You must support your answers with evidence from the thesis/article/paper and relevant literature. Problem: What is the research problem addressed by the paper? Theories: What theory/theories have been used in the research project? How have theory/theories been used e.g. theory testing, development? Methodology: Has the researcher clearly explained and justified the chosen Methodology? What research methods has the researcher adopted to conduct the research project? Do you think that the researcher has developed a rigorous research design ? If so, discuss why. If not, discuss why not. Do you think that the research is relevant to other researchers and/or practitioners e.g. IS/SE professionals? How so? Contribution: What is the contribution of the study to knowledge (e.g. to theory or practice)? Quality: Has research quality been discussed? Explain. Is quality of the study/IT artifact assessed? Explain. Ethics: Are any ethical issues raised in the research strategy? What are they? How are they resolved?

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