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Subject name: information technology security and risk management Mark: 30% Length: 3000 – 3500 words Hillside hospital is a 100 bed hospital that includes various facilities as emergency care, maternal and child health, chronic disease management with different specialties. The hospital has facilities such as pharmacy, radiology, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. Several healthcare providers such as specialist, registrars, medical officers, nurses, physiotherapist and other allied health providers work at the hospital. The General Practitioners from the Hillside Medical Centre canalso admit their patients to the Hillside Hospital. Some of the staff members in the hospital are involved in medical research and clinical trial and they also need to use patients’ information from the system. As an IT Expert Team from the hospital, yourgroup has been consulted for management of Information Security of Health Information is the hospital environment. Your task is to design a security and risk management solution which will fulfill security requirements of the hospital. Asyour group considered the security management of health information system of hospital environment,you will need to understand the information security requirement of healthcare environment, different access level, ensuring patient confidentiality, Health Privacy Acts, Policy etc. Therefore, your literature review will be on health information security. That will ensureyou have planned and developed the security program with appropriate protection mechanism. Your report will need to include 1: Planning & Policy 2: Developing the security program 3: Risk management & 4: Protection Mechanism A suggested outline of the report is 1. Title 2. Abstract 3. Introduction 4. Literature review 5. Solution 6. Discussion 7. Conclusion 8. References More information regarding assignment 2 will be discussed in tutorials on after the assignment 1 submission.

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