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sbm1201 Assignment 1: Best Literature review for the proposed project (Literature Review comprises the following typical tasks: • Conduct a team brainstorming session to scope, the size and extent of conceptual studies needed and agree on strategies to complete the same on time. • Source, classify and analyse a sample of papers, guidelines, textbook chapters etc that address challenges and best practices related to business models and business planning. Divide the task of reviewing and analysing the literature among team members, as all team members are expected to have a sound knowledge of the underlying concepts and principles being applied by the team. • Summarise the literature and put the results into a proper framework and approach that you and your team consider relevant to the scope of the assignment. • Assemble the work done by individuals in your team and refine it further • Review and edit it to ensure it reads well and both the contents and the format are of acceptable quality • Document your literature review results in a summarised and formatted style including use of diagrams and tables to portray the same as far as possible. • Complete and submit the Peer Rating form • Perform the SCA and PCA on your peers Submission (Assignment 1): A team report addressing the literature on business models and business plans with focus on the case project. The outcome of the literature review should be an in-depth exploration of relevant literature inclusive of book chapters, case studies, best practice guidelines and standard. As a minimum, each team must review the Supporting Material accessed via this website. Do not wait for a response from your Course Convenor; proceed to the next activity. Comments and feedback from your course convenor can be incorporated into your work in parallel to the conduct of Activity 2. Individual task: Perform Self Reflection. Please save the results of self-reflection as it has to be included in your Final Report for this unit of study.\ Review Scope, Time & Cost Management of public park

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