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ITECH7405-Project 2 Enterprise Systems, Semester 1 2016 Marking Guide: Progress Report-Assessment #1 (Percentage: 20%, Due Date: Week04) The objective of this document is to provide comprehensive and theoretical justification of the chosen methodology to the client with answer the research questions or information system problems. It should also provide enrich insights about the changes are being made and relevant justification in regard to the proposed methodology. It will help the client to feel confident that the problem is systemically being addressed. Further, it gives the client an opportunity to learn from this methodology and if necessary, use it in future Information System evaluations and implementation. Why a particular method is chosen over the other? There should be theoretical justification to support the argument in favour of the selected method. Is it different from the proposed method? Justify the changes Details about the chosen method? It should provide details about the chosen method and relevant unit of analysis. For example, details of any interview, documents, survey, how many subjects, how many items/questions, how it was carried out? If it is an interview, was it one to one, focus group etc. how long did it take? Why was a particular person was chosen for the interview? What data was collected? It should provide details about the nature of the data being collected to analyse the research question or information system problem. The nature of the data could be qualitative or quantitative or both. It should answer how data was collected, volume of the data, how was it stored? Data Analysis? This should state how the data is will be analysed for presentation, what sort of results are/expected to be obtained. It should clearly demonstrate the tools and method being or will be used for data analysis. Overall changes in the project: This should give a generic overview of the project and relevant changes being made towards the project after the last assessment Group Name: Student 1 Name/ID: Student 2 Name/ID: Student 3 Name ID : Tasks Max Marks Obtained Marks Project Scope and Problem statement 2 Why a particular method is chosen over the other? 3 Details about the chosen method? 3 What data was collected? 3 Data Analysis 6 Overall changes in the project 1 References 2 Total 20 Comments & Feedback :

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