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FINAL ASSIGNMENT The students have an option to work on either of the below mentioned assignment:. Assignment : Refer to the Study Material and the PDF Example Marketing plan Appendix B, page 663 to 686. You will find the Marketing plan for BOPREX, the OTC market. Here you are expected to do the following: 1. In one page can you summarize and assess this case. 2. Conduct critical analysis of the case using the “Marketing Plan Worksheets” 3. Identify the goal and objectives 4. Referring to the information in the case, identify the firms strengths and weakness, and to recognize the opportunities and threat that exit in the marketing environment 5. Outline a plan for implementing the marketing strategy. 6. If you are given the opportunity to improve on this plan what are the area you will improve. Explain your suggestions. 7. Develop KPI to monitor the success of this marketing strategy. 8. What is the role of top management in ensuring the success of the strategy? 9. What is the cultural sensitivity that needs to be taken in account if this strategy needs to be implemented globally? Introduction of the Case Study (10 marks) The introduction should generally include three key types of information. a) Background This section sets the context for the report and provides the (brief) background information required for the reader to understand the report. NOTE: Detailed company background should not be included here. It is best discussed in the body of the report b) Aims/ objectives This tells the reader what the aims/objectives of the report are. It indicates what key questions the report is trying to answer and what it is trying to achieve. Why was it written? c) Scope Tell the reader exactly what areas/ideas are covered in the report. This also helps to explain how the report is organized. Look at your plan and consider your headings and sub-headings. Body Answering Questions from 1 to 9 Conclusion of the Case Study (6 marks) Most conclusions include three main parts i) stating the aim/ context of the assignment again ii) followed by a very brief summary of the main points iii) final comments often considering the future (for eg: what can be done to improve the implementation of an intervention in the future) References of your Case Study (10 marks) Citation: Last page of your assignment must include the complete list of the references used during the completion of your assignment with all the details. Format for referencing from print media like books: FAMILY/SURNAME, Initials. (Publication year in brackets) Book title - italicised or underlined. Series title and volume if applicable. Edition – if not the first. Place of publication: publisher. Example: NEVILLE, C. (2010) The Complete Guide to Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism. 2nd Ed. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Format for referencing from electronic sources: Author of website FAMILY/SURNAME, Initials or WEBSITE name if no author is available. (Year - in brackets) Title of website in italics or underlined. Any numbers if necessary or available if website is part of a series. [Online in square brackets] Available from: URL. [Accessed: followed by date in square brackets]. Example: BBC NEWS. (2008) Factory gloom worst since 1980. [Online] Available from: m. [Accessed: 19th June 2012]. Report Format (5 marks) Margins: 1 cm on all sides except right side (2 cm on the right side) Font: 12 point, Times New Roman Line Spacing: 1.5 Alignment: Left Flush Pagination: Use footer for Page Numbers Headings: • Main headings: Centered, boldface, uppercase and lowercase heading (title case) • Subheadings: Flush left, boldface, uppercase and lowercase heading (title case)

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