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Assignment 1: Individual Essay Due Date: Wednesday, March 23 rd 2016 (9:00pm). Late assignments will be penalised in accordance with UC policy (see page 9). See pages 8-9 for how to lodge your assignment (on Moodle) Length: 2000 words, no additional leeway. In fairness to all students, penalties apply for a breach of the limit. The word limit applies to the essay itself and all references cited in the essay. It does not apply to the end reference list, cover page and title page. (An abstract and table of contents are not required.) Value: 40 marks Topic: Work Motivation, Employee Engagement and Organisational Culture Question: Aim: Write an essay on the relationship between work motivation, employee engagement and organisational culture and how managers should apply this knowledge in organisations. You should begin your essay by collecting and reflecting on information from academic sources such as academic peer reviewed journals and book collections. A minimum of 15 academic references should be used, of which 10 must be from refereed journals. Once this information has been collected and critically analysed you should discuss and explain the relevance of different theories of motivation and employee engagement, and the impact of and on, organisational culture. You should illustrate your discussion with examples or cases or current management practices drawn from relevant contemporary business literature (eg internet sources, business magazines and news reports; these are in addition to the 15 academic references). The assignment has three main aims. First, to develop an understanding of organisational behaviour research in the areas of motivation, employee engagement and organisational culture, and how they are inter-related. The second aim is to understand how organisational behaviour is applied in organisational settings. The third aim is to develop research and analytical skills as well as critical thinking skills. Be sure to express the ideas you read about in your own words, but acknowledge their source by citing the reference. Avoid direct quotes as they do not demonstrate to the marker your understanding of the concepts and reading material. Direct quotes attract no marks. High standards of literacy means that your paragraphs should be well developed (not one sentence!). If you do not know how to construct a paragraph or essay, then please visit the Academic Skills Centre (see If you do not know how to access electronic journals, please see the library staff for training. Your essay should have a brief introduction (an introduction should be more than a summary in the future tense) and a solid conclusion (note a conclusion is not a summary in the past tense). The conclusion can relate back to the introduction

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