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Journal 1 to be submitted as single document (10% - 600 words) – Preliminary Report to implement new Information Systems You are working for a Health Care organization as an IS/IT Manager, which has a current Health Information Systems (HIS). The existing HIS has been implemented for several years and supports the core / operating business processes of the Health Care organization (APQC – Health Care Provider Process Classification Framework). Your manager returns from a conference at which he was given a demonstration of the new version of the HIS which has smart handheld device capabilities. He is excited about this new technological development and asks you to research the feasibility of introducing smart handheld devices (e.g. smartphones). Develop a strategic plan for the implementation of the new version of HIS with smart handheld devices which outlines the current and future state of the Health Care organization. Highlight specific CSF’s, business processes, value streams, business capabilities which will be affected by this change. Include in your journal a graphical representation of the information architecture both before and after the change. Journal 2 to be submitted as single document (15% - 750 words) – Planning for a new Information Systems Your journal 2 task is to present various factors that you need to consider while planning to introduce smart handheld devices for your selected health care organisation. For this purpose, assume that you are an IS/ IT Manager of a small hospital. The hospital consists of greater than 50 beds, and specialises in diabetic related treatments. The CEO is keen to extend the existing HIS to be accessible using smart handheld devices so that patients or their carers can schedule hospital appointment requests, check available treatment options, conduct treatment bookings, access treatment fees and other pertinent information. You can nominate the hospital, the type of services to be offered using the smart handheld devices as an initial scope and then present a plan for the implementation of the smart handheld device interface to the existing or potential HIS. Understanding the change is key to developing the plan for implementation. Include in your plan a before and after illustration of the information and technical architecture. The illustration could be in the form of a reference model / business anchor model using processes or capabilities or value streams with an overlay of systems. Identify risks and potential issues (people, process and technology) which may impede or affect your ability to introduce smart handheld devices.

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