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Assignment 2 (30%)

Description: Assignment 2 (written report)
Marks out of: 100
Wtg (%): 30%

Refer to study schedule CIS8004 Enterprise Planning and Implementation 2000 words. This written assignment is to be electronically submitted through the EASE system in the CIS8004 Study Desk. Hardcopy or email submission will NOT be accepted.

This is a follow up from Assignment 1. State Health Centre is comfortable with your planning and they have asked you to implement your suggest plan. As part of the implementation, you will develop the following:
  1. ICT systems required to implement your plan.
  2. A comprehensive costing schedule along with appropriate justification.
Your documentation will highlight how you plan to assure security aspects as customer details need to be secured. Otherwise, the State Health Centre will be subjected to legal prosecution. Therefore, you need to verify your design concept carefully, accommodate appropriate testing protocols, and a comprehensive schedule for quality assurance.

State Health Centre, at this stage, is not interested in actual development. They want only an implementation plan schedule and how this implementation can be accomplished successfully.

Your research should be presented in the form of a written report, with a maximum word limit of 1500 words. References are not included in this word limit. You must state your assumptions clearly; validate the stated assumptions through proper literature search. You may use any format for the report. The Internet provides many examples of Executive Type reports, and you are encouraged to search for samples that suit your needs.

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