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CIS3002 S1 2015 - Assignment 1 instructions Presentation: search for examples of consulting company reports, your assignment should have a professional look and feel; put your name, student number, course and semester only on the cover sheet – the rest of the assignment should look like a professional Business Analyst’s report. Word length: a guide is that for assignment tasks requiring a written response you would expect around 1 page for a task worth 10 marks; brevity and clarity is more important than volume of words. As noted above you should pay particular attention to use of subheadings, fonts and other ways of improving readability, Business Analysis is all about clarity of communication. ASSIGNMENT 1 TASK 1.01 Project Journal Develop and maintain a project journal for your project with date, summary of activities undertaken, actions completed and actions planned. Use a table with columns for activity number, date, activity, description and status. The journal will serve as the diary of your project. The journal should be attached as an Appendix to your report (10 Marks) TASK 1.02 Write a System Vision statement (see examples in text) (10 Marks) TASK 1.03 Define around 4-5 options to address problem/opportunity Structure options in a table with pros, cons, risks, expected costs, benefits. Remember to include the “do-nothing” option (10 Marks) TASK 1.04 Conduct stakeholder analysis and identify all persons, groups and institutions who may have an interest in the project and the nature of their interest (10 Marks) TASK 1.05 Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS) (10 Marks) Analyse the project and produce a 1-page Work Breakdown Structure Task 1.06 Draft an interview agenda for your interview with the CEO, refer to the text and on-line for examples (10 Marks) TASK 1.07 Develop a one-page table of key requirements (product backlog) from the perspectives of each of the stakeholders (user stories) using Agile format “As a .... I want to .... so that..”) (10 Marks) TASK 1.08 Write a list of the key functionalities of the system (a functional and non-functional specification) (10 Marks) TASK 1.09 Presentation (cover letter, cover sheet, clarity, professionalism) See (20 Marks) All the above tasks (except for Journal) should be subheadings in your report. CIS3002 S1 2015 - Assignment 1 instructions All questions relate to the following Case Study. Penny Li has a company, El Supremo Coffee, that she started just 4 years ago. It operates through franchise owners that have invested one of her mobile coffee vans. These park at strategic locations such as train stations, hospitals, sporting events, factories and busy city office towers. She now has over 50 franchised coffee van operators and has had interest from potential new franchisees in other cities; Penny’s dream is to one day launch in her home town of Beijing. The company’s rapid growth is due to an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at well-placed city cafes and restaurants. Penny supplied them with El Supremo Coffee café umbrellas and side-walk screens which had a significant visual impact making El Supremo Coffee appear to be the major brand across the city. El Supremo currently supports its franchisees through a telephone call centre which typically take calls about orders for more supplies; with the company’s expansion operating through a call centre is becoming more difficult. The franchisees are increasingly unhappy about the difficulties in getting through on the phone, the time it takes to explain their needs and the incidence of errors on the part of the telephone operators and the time it takes for goods to arrive after placing an order. The franchisees would also like to have a web-site that can help them build stronger relations with their own customers including GPS tracking so customers can see when they will be at the locations where they sell coffee. They would also like to be informed about events such as football games or concerts. The management team has decided it needs to move to an online system for better supporting franchisees as well as making their products available to the general public through a Web site The Web site must be developed using the latest products, and be deployed in 3 months from now. El Supremo Personnel ? Managing Director – the project sponsor ? Accountant ? Franchise Manager/Trainer ? Purchasing and Supply Manager ? Marketing Manager You have been contacted by El Supremo Coffee as the Business Analyst for the project to research requirements and design.

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