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Option 2 - The business rationale for diversity management (Topic 3) Read through the business rationale for diversity management and the debates surrounding this using the information in Topic 3 and at least 5 additional academic sources. Then, answer these two questions. 1. Are you convinced by the business rationale argument for diversity management, despite the limitations raised by Agrawal and D’Netto et al? Or, would you say that the business rationale argument is too narrow? Support your argument using relevant sources. 2. Should recruitment and selection processes be used to embrace diversity in the workplace? Why or why not? If yes, how? Support your argument using relevant sources.This assessment task will enable you to demonstrate your achievement of the following learning outcomes in the subject: • be able to critically analyse and assess recent literature on human resource management, and debate the issues raised; • be able to evaluate current human resource management practices and draw up well supported recommendations for improvement where necessary; • be able to apply specialised knowledge of the various roles and functions of human resource management to resolve complex issues associated with an organisation``s effective utilisation of its human resources. Marking criteria Marking guide for Assessment 2 Criterion and weighting High distinction Distinction Credit Pass Fail Critical analysis to support argument (20 marks) A balanced discussion that examines multiple arguments and perspectives, supported by relevant academic literature. The evidence in the literature is independently evaluated by the student, identifying gaps. Informed positions are taken on the basis of the evaluated evidence. (9.0-10.0) The discussion presents more than one view of things and attempts to evaluate these views, testing the available evidence. Informed positions are taken. (8.0) The discussion tends to favour one or just a few views using the literature, and there is some attempt to apply critical thought to the evidence in the literature. The positions taken need to be better informed. (7.0) The discussion shows an attempt to examine relevant academic literature, but there is a need for more independent critical evaluation of the claims made by authors. As a result, the positions taken tend to simply map pieces of literature, rather than making an independent assessment of their merits. (5.0-6.0) Largely descriptive, lacking significant independent evaluation of claims and informed positions taken on this basis. ( 5.0) Referencing (5 marks) (Note: At least 5 additional sources required.) Correct application of the APA6 referencing system for all citations and references. (5.0) Correct application of the APA6 referencing system all citations and references; a few minor errors. (4.0) Application of the APA6 referencing system is on the right track, but more attention to detail needed. (3.0) A serious attempt is made to apply the APA6 referencing system. However, several errors have been made. (2.5) Poor application of the APA6 system of referencing ( 2.5) Report writing technique (5 marks) The report is formatted correctly, written clearly and flows very well, with each point building on the previous toward a coherent argument. (5.0) For the most part, the report is formatted correctly, written clearly and flows well. (4.0) The report is formatted according to business report conventions, but with some errors; writing style needs to be clearer and the flow and coherence of the argument should be tighter. (3.0-3.5) The report is on the right track, but needs significant improvement in format and/or writing style and/or flow. (2.5-3.0) Poor formatting, written expression and/or coherence. ( 2.5) Presentation Use business report format. Use 12 point font size and 1.5 line spacing. The report should have the following structure: • Title page - showing the subject code and name, your name and student number, the assessment item number and title, and the word count of your report. • Executive summary • Introduction • Discussion – using (sub)headings,sentences, numbered paragraphs • Conclusion. Requirements The word count excludes the title page, executive summary and the reference list. All other content is included in the Word count. Upload a Word document only. Do not upload rtf or pdf or Pages documents. Do not use appendices, footnotes and endnotes. 2000 words

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