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Information and communication technology

General Information

In this assignment you will expand your thinking around the management of systems projects by applying research and knowledge to a Hands-on MIS projects found in section 14.5 (page 446) available in the set textbook. The “Management decision problems” are mini case studies that can act as springboards for extended study.

You will be expected to reference external material other than the textbook in order to complete this assignment successfully. Referencing must be in Harvard format. Plagiarism detection will be used during assessment.

The McDonalds Case Studies and questions

Suggestion: read through all four questions before starting.

  1. First, carefully read the case in the textbook (p.446). Next, search online for any further information available about the case. Finally, in your own words, summarize in one paragraph what happened. Be brief but accurate, and use correct referencing.
  2. The reasons for the failure of McDonald’s Innovate project have been studied by others over the years. For example, see Study the reasons given in this website and compare it to one or two other similar websites (e.g. schools of management, universities etc), and remember to reference the websites correctly. From these, nominate your own “top three” reasons for the failure of the project, and explain why you think your top three are the most significant reasons for the failure. Are there any other reasons you think apply to the McDonald’s case, but which were not discussed in any of the websites you looked at?
  3. What impact does systems development methodologies have on the success or failure of systems projects according to the literature (look up a few)? Consider a contemporary approach like SCRUM - could it help in this case? In answering this question, first briefly explain with references how SCRUM works, then how you might have applied it to the McDonald’s project if you were the project manager. Then predict - with reasons whether this would or would not have made a positive difference to the project.
  4. What should management have known or done at the outset to prevent the negative outcome of the project?
You do not need to study the “Caterpillar” case that follows the Mcdonalds case.

COIT20228 Assignment Two Term 1, 2014

Assignment deliverable

Create a report in which you address the four Case Study Questions, using external literature sources to support your answers. Use the template on the assessment page as the basis for your submission.

You are required to submit your work as a single document in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx).

You may use the literature you researched in Assignment One if it is appropriate for your purpose.

Your task is to go beyond the text and explore a few of the concepts in greater depth you need to demonstrate that you have done this.

The use of academic literature is essential. How much literature? It is appropriateness and quality rather than quantity that counts, however, as a rough guideline, it would be difficult to produce a report of this kind without having read at least eight sources.

Warning: penalties are severe for plagiarism. Plagiarism includes copying the work of other students, using purchased answers from Internet services, or un-referenced copying from any other sources. All submitted files are processed through TurnItIn, a copy detection service.

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