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Globalisation`s shifting cultural landscape brings a combination of new challenges and opportunities to the field of education. What is the most significant way that these challenges and opportunities affect your educational life - either as an educator or as a student? Select one of the key concepts/issues discussed in the lecture and in at least one of the readings to guide your critical reflection upon the question above. Use the key concept/issue to explore the complexities of cultural globalisation`s impact upon your educational life. Make sure you address all the marking criteria, including offering you own opinions about the concept and issue discussed in the lecture and readings and some consideration of the ethical, social or political implications of cultural globalisation`s impact upon education in general, as well as upon your own educational experiences. Compose your 500 word critical reflection (you might want to draft it first on a word doc.) Perry and Southwell “Developing intercultural understanding and skill” {must important reading for your critical reflection}

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