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Subject: Marketing Assessment 1:Individual Essay Weighting:20% Length:1500 words Due Date: Week 5 (22/ 04/2016 by 5 pm Friday) Explain the ethical issues in marketing field and identify and discuss about two companies in Australia who has been having some issues regarding the way they pursue their business. You can elaborate on any aspects of marketing where these companies had some issues. Note: Students are required to source at least 4 articles from the media in Australia for this essay. Copies of the articles need to be submitted with your essay. Marking Criteria for Individual Essay Assessment Criteria Marks Discussion of relevant issues, theories and concepts for the chosen topic for essay. 5 Demonstrated understanding, logic and reasoning evidenced in essay. 5 Application of theories/concepts to industry/real products/services. And other relevant examples and ideas provided by the student to demonstrate an understanding of the theory. 7 Style, structure, spelling, grammar, punctuation, Referencing. 3

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