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Guidelines for Presentation Reports (40%) IT & Business Alignment The breakup of marks in this assessment item will be 50 percent for the presentation and 50 percent for the write-up (around 1000-1500 words). Your report should reflect the following structure: Brief Introductory Statement • Paper title • Author • Citation, etc. • Research problem and/or purpose of the paper Important Points and Arguments Presented Strengths and weaknesses of the paper under review • Rigour, relevance and overall quality of the research of the paper including: • Overall assessment of the reliability of the results or claims Overall Assessment of the paper under review • Significance of findings for IT and Business Alignment practice. • What have I learned that I did not know when I started? • How has the author confronted and challenged my current understanding or extended it into areas I have never thought about before? • How has the manuscript deepened my conceptualisation of some aspect of IT and Business Alignment?

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