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Sport Organisation Theory Assignment 1: CEO Role-play scenario: A Critical analysis showing the ‘State of Play’ for an organisation of your choice. Due: APRIL 22nd, 2016 11:59 PM AEST Word Count: 4000 words – a variance of 10% is acceptable, anything beyond that will incur a 3 point penalty from Presentation and Writing component of the rubric. (Note that the word count does not include references, tables, figures and appendices). Overview of Assignment 1: Using approaches to sport organisation theory, you are to provide an analysis of the sport organisation including a clear overview of where the organisation is currently. This includes the key trends and factors that the organisation should consider when discussing possible change. These key trends and factors are related to the organisation’s environment, its industry, competitors, social/political/environmental expectations, stakeholder pressure and dynamics internally/externally- these are all considered relative to the learership, structure and processes of the organisation. To Do: 1. You are to select a sport organisation to use as a case study/scenario for the entire trimester. This organisation should be one that draws your interest and enthusiasm. Note that both Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 must focus on your role-play as the CEO (potential CEO in Assignment 1, and chosen CEO in Assignment 2) of this same organisation. 2. Provide a brief history of the organisation that, with you as the potential CEO, should lead to a report that critically describes and analyses the organisation’s position and provides appropriate relative recommendations. This report should: a. Identify and discuss the strategic objectives of the organisation; b. Include an overview of the ‘special features of sport - using Smith & Stewart, 2010, as a framework – as it relates to your selected sport organisation; c. Include an analysis of the contextual factors and potential ‘strategic alliances’ for your organisation, specific to the ‘general and task environments’. Include only those you consider to impact your chosen organisation and explain why; d. Include a list of possible ‘next steps’ in the organisation’s lifecycle. There is no need for judgment of the alternatives as this is not within the scope of this assignment. Assignment 2 will involve comparing and contrasting the alternatives to structural/design changes (where necessary) and will further examine the probable changes and/or next steps; e. Integrate the theory from the literature and our unit materials to support your analysis. (i.e., Chapters 7 & 8 and the relevant journal articles assigned for Weeks 2 & 3).

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