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Review the performance of your stock choices in your TDAU thinkorswim portfolio and consider recent financial news, industry news, financial statements, and financial indicators (e.g., ratios) to determine your next steps. What are your next steps? Is it time to invest more in some of your companies? Maybe it’s time to sell off shares in other companies. Consider making these types of changes to your portfolio before you start participating in this discussion. In your main post, respond to the following: Portfolio Overview 1) What is the current value of your portfolio? (Include “as of” date.) 2) What is your portfolio’s rate of return? (Include “as of” date.) 3) Summarize the changes you have made to your portfolio (if any) since your initial purchases in Module Two. If you have not made any changes, explain why. 4) Explain why you have made your decisions. 5) How is your portfolio diversified? 6) Convince your classmates that they should invest in your stock choices too. Use APA-style citations. EXPLANATION OF INITIAL STOCK PURCHASE AND CHANGES I MADE TO MY PORTFOLIO SINCE MY INITIAL PURCHASE. My initial stock purchase I bought 100 shares of Acadia Health (ACHC), 100 Shares of Under Armour (UA), 100 Shares of Celgene (CELG), and 100 Shares of Highwoods Properties (HIW). I have made two stock purchases since my initial purchase, and they where 100 Shares of Apple Stock (AAPL) and 100 Shares of Honeywell International, Inc (HON). I also have money left to buy more stock.

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