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HI5004 Marketing Management
Tri1 2014
Individual Essay Guidelines
Worth 20% Due Week 5
Marks 20 Words 1500
  • Choice of Topic from the subject outline more marks if they choose a specific topic and relate to specific brands or companies.
  • Discussion on theory maximum 30%
  • Students need to apply the marketing concepts in real life business cases.
  • Students get top marks if they give examples of brands or companies using marketing concepts to pursue their business.
  • References Harvard style
  • General presentation of the essay with headings and subheadings.
  • Research atleast 2 to 3 articles on the topic
  • Students need to submit a soft copy on BB and hard copy by due date.

Bit more insights into the essay;

Choose one of the topics below:
  1. Marketing decision makers in a firm must constantly monitor competitors` activities - their products, prices, distribution, and promotional effort.
    • Find 2 to 3 articles on any of the elements of marketing mix
    • Your essay need to focus on how companies are changing their MM to achieve growth, market share or profitability or brand awareness or bran loyalty.

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