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CIS8000 – Assessments Specification for Assignments 2 and 4 The specification provided in this document would address the assignment specifications for the two written reports. The first component of the assessment is for the first major report (Assignment 2) and second component is for the second major report (Assignment 4). Scope: XYZ Inc. is a growing enterprise that offers digital services globally. Their services include recruitment, tourism, bookings, health professional access and others. They have their own server and IT management, and due to advancement in technology, they are seriously considering moving to a cloud storage strategy so that they can realize a true distributed environment. Your task is to provide them with a detailed report. For providing this detailed report, you can make assumptions as to the business model of XYZ inc. The assumptions will include: • Size of the company; • Turnover; • Types of specific services offered within the scope given; • Number of customers services in each of the above specific services; • Current information management strategy used by your XYZ Inc.; and • An organizational chart Requirements for Assessment 2 For this component, you will provide a PowerPoint presentation as to the type of strategies the organization should consider in procuring a Cloud Storage option. Your discussion should include, but is not limited to, what options are available, how these options will match the organizational needs, short and long term impact on the organization, cost benefit analysis (for this you will consider a worst, medium and best case options), and whether the organization needs to hire new staff and/or retrain existing staff. The presentation will be restricted to a maximum of 15 slides, and there is no need for any references for this component. However, we recommend you maintain a reference list of sources used in your research as it will help in the next submission. You can use your imagination as to the coverage of content you are going to present. In addition to the main slides, you must provide a presenter annotation as well so that the markers can understand your view point and why such a presentation is developed. The presentation can contain animation and other presentation ‘bells and whistles’. However, please note that the size for the file is restricted to 10 MB.

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