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Workplace case study Value: 40% Due date: 26-Apr-2016 Length: 2000 words maximum excluding reference list Submission method options Task Assessment 2 relates to the work that you have done in Topic 5, Recruitment and Selection (and assumed knowledge of Topics 1-4). Read the case study linked below carefully, and prepare answers to the questions below. You will need to draw on the work that you completed on this case in topic 3. (If you haven’t done this work, revisit Topic 3.) Sutton, R., Rao, H., Bafdin, N., & Delius, V. (2014). Can a volunteer-staffed company scale? Harvard Business Review, 92(5), 125-129 Permalink: Questions: 1. Based on its business context and strategic differentiator, what characteristics might you expect to see in the company’s products and service? 2. Translate these characteristics into recruitment and selection criteria? 3. Which way would you recommend that the company should go in regard to volunteers or staff? Why? 4. Based on your answer to 3, provide recommendations for the elements of a recruitment and selection strategy for Brain Games. Support your arguments with reference to relevant academic and professional literature. A minimum of five academic sources published within the last 10 years must be used to support your arguments. Rationale This assessment will enable you to demonstrate the ability to apply a comprehensive knowledge of enablers, processes and outcomes in strategic HRM to solve complex problems in the workplace.

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