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ICT352 ICT Project Management Task 2 Semester 1, 2016 Assessment and Submission Details Marks: 35% of the Total Assessment for the Course Due Date: 5:00pm Monday, 25th of April 2016 Please submit your assignment using Blackboard. The submission link will be open a week before the due date. Please follow the submission instructions in Blackboard. DO NOT SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT TO THE COURSE CO-ORDINATOR OR TUTOR. The assignment will be marked out of a total of 100 marks. Once marked, ALL assignments will be checked for plagiarism and/or collusion between individuals. Refer to your Course Outline or the Course Web Site for a copy of the “Student Misconduct, Plagiarism and Collusion” guidelines. Note: Each student keep a copy of the assignment and this copy MUST be produced within 24 hours of it being requested by the Course Co-ordinator. Failure to produce the second copy of the assignment when requested may result in loss of marks or a fail grade for the assignment. Requests for an extension to an assignment MUST be made to the course coordinator prior to the date of submission and requests made on the day of submission or after the submission date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Background XYC limited have traditionally sold fence supplies in Nambour from a store front. Sales have been going well and XYZ have recently brought competitors operations and premises in Gympie and Maryborough. They have also opened a store in Brisbane and in future they plan to open more. They have started to import specialist supplies such as glass pool fences and are expanding into commercial modular fence and handrail parts, wheel stops and bollards. These new lines of product are driving increased sales and they are gaining a large number of new customers. As XYC Limited have brought two existing stores and opened a new branch, there is a feeling that they have outgrown their current office arrangements. At the moment they do not run a lot of customer accounts rather using cash on purchase at the counter. However, as they are dealing with more large builders and developers there is a growing demand for customer accounts. XYC Limited are also planning to start a web site to show case their products and publicise their range of products. Currently they have a very rudimentary stock control system with sales people often carrying undocumented stock between locations as needed. They are currently using on standard office software on standalone machines in each location. The staff in the Gympie and Maryborough offices have transferred from working with the previous owners and are used to working in small standalone locations with a limited range of products. They are therefore used to working with simple casual processes where they would just have a look to see if they had stock on hand and they would personally know a large proportion of customers. There is therefore no formal processes in place at these locations and limited processes in place in Nambour and Brisbane. XYC Limited and now running into problems where customers are ringing for parts and the staff have to ring around all locations to see if one of the other locations have the parts in stock. There is also a problem where the system they have is showing the parts in stock and this is communicated to the customer but when the customer arrives at the store to pick up the items they find they are actually not in stock because they have been transferred to another location. There is also no means for the management to receive a report showing expenditure per customer. In fact there is limited ability to produce any reports. They have planned an upgrade to their information systems, starting with a new stock control system. There is also the acknowledgement that they need to put in place an organisational system architecture so that the organisation is running as one system rather than four standalone stores. From the company perspective they would prefer that the customers are not upset by arriving at the store and not being able to pick up the goods. One of the goals of XYC Limited is that they increase customer satisfaction with their service. The existing staff have become aware of this plan and there is some bad feeling about the plan to introduce a new system as they are unused to using computerised systems. Prepare a project charter for the above project. Please include the following sections and follow the instructions contained in chapter 4 of the text. 1. Title 2. Scope overview 3. Business case 4. Background 5. Milestone schedule (with acceptance criteria) 6. Risks, assumptions and constraints 7. Stakeholder list Assignment Requirements and Deliverables Your report should be no less than one thousand five hundred (1500) words and it would be best to be no longer than two thousand five hundred (2500) words long. The report is to be prepared as a single Microsoft Word document adhering to all conventions detailed in: Summers, J. and Smith, B., 2009, Communication Skills Handbook: How to succeed in written and oral communication, 3rd Ed, Wiley, Singapore Submission The completed assignment is to be submitted by SafeAssign on or before the due date. The assignment will be assessed according to the marking sheet (Appendix A). Late submission of the assignment will result in a deduction of 10% of the available marks for each day that the assignment is late (This includes weekends). Assignment Return and Release of Grades Assignment grades will be available on the course web site on two weeks after submission at the latest. An electronic assignment marking sheet will be available at this time. Where an assignment is undergoing investigation for alleged plagiarism or collusion the grade for the assignment and the assignment will be withheld until the investigation has concluded. Assignment Guidelines This assignment will take a number of weeks to complete and will require a good understanding of the Project Management material for successful completion. It is imperative that students take heed of the following points in relation to doing this assignment: 1. It would pay to start this assignment early. 2. Ensure that you clearly understand the requirements for the assignment – what has to be done and what are the deliverables. 3. If you do not understand any of the assignment requirements – ASK the Course Co-ordinator. 4. Each time you work on any aspect of the assignment reread the assignment requirements to ensure that what is required is clearly understood. Appendix A Marking Sheet for ICT352 S1.2016 Assignment 1 Student name: Marking Criteria Maximum Marks Marks Obtained ANSWERS Presentation of essay 5 Title 5 Scope overview 15 Business case 20 Background 15 Milestone schedule 15 Risks, assumptions and constraints 20 Stakeholder list 5 Total (I) = 100 0.0 0.0 /20% OVERALL COMMENTS:

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