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Source: J. Leahy, `Volvo takes a lead in India`, Financial Times, 31 August 2009. Questions Q1.a. Conduct a thorough analysis of the Generic competitive strategies for Volvo. Discuss the pros and cons of each and finally, choose one that would work best for the company. (15 marks) b. Using the strategy clock, identify and explain the strategy zone for Volvo`s and Tata Motors` strategy. (5 marks) Q2 a. Choose any one of the following Interactive strategies to discuss it`s suitability for company: (6 marks) the • Hypercompetitive strategy • Cooperation • Game theory b. Explain the various kinds of benefits that Volvo can achieve by cooperating with other firms in terms of Michael Porter`s five forces. (10 marks) Q3. Explain in detail the kind of control mechanisms that can be put into place to ensure the efficiency of Volvo`s strategy? (10 marks) Q4. Plot the moves of Volvo and Tata Motors on the axes of price and perceived quality and explain in detail what steps Volvo should follow if a low cost rival enters in to the Indian Bus market.(5+5= 10 marks) Q5. How sustainable is Volvo`s luxury bus strategy? Explain clearly. (4 marks)

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