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Journal 3 to be submitted as single document (15% - 750 words) that is accessible through smart handheld devices and integrating the HIS interface securely with other information systems in the hospital. The hospital staff use various legacy systems such as the HR system, finance system, access system and payroll systems. These systems should also be accessible using smart handheld devices. The CEO would like to develop a complete set of software, hardware, telecommunication and human resources infrastructure for the purpose of developing the HIS interface planned in Journal 2. Your submission should be a 5 year costs analysis including potential benefits realisation. Provide an explanation to accompany your costs analysis. Journal 4 to be submitted as single document (10% - 600 words) Your journal 4 task is to identify how the HIS interface that uses the smart handheld devices can be aligned with the organisation’s existing business processes. You may choose any three key business processes in the hospital, e.g. emergency response process, outpatient discharge process, pharmacy drug administration process, etc. The plan should outline how the device will integrate with the existing Technical Architecture of the HIS. Pay specific attention to the data, integration, security and collaboration components of the technical architecture.

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Journal 3 and 4 only

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